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Angry Vinnie kills Phex!

Originally posted by Vinnie
>>Vinnie (of Bearshare) was as arrogant as I expected it:

>"The "re-search" feature must be eliminated or changed to a >MAXIMUM of one additional query per 30 minutes TOPS!"

This was not arrogance. I haven't had an arrogant comment in a while.

It was merely a translation into laymans terms of what had already been mentioned numerous times regarding machine-generated queries on the network.
It's Vinnie's fault! His arrogance finally got to someone, he does nothing but **** everyone off, over and over, his way or the highway, he's gnet god, so on.... Now he says it's not arrogance?? DOUBLE ARROGANCE!!! Someone needs mental help for sure, can't even tell what he's doing to other people. "I'm OK, everyone else isn't" ????

This guy: "Brown Tiger" who said "and you would not like what I do to your searches or search result I return, or even what would happend to your incoming... I guarantee you this this."
was just grand standing and will never make anything himself anyway.

So it's Vinnie's fault you won't have Phex anymore. Now it's time for him to work on the other clients one at a time till they all quit, this is how you take over the world, what a plan.

Run a open source client! No greed!

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