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Ah . . . but the thrill of the hunt! Tracking down a problem when the learning is so rewarding is what makes spending months so worthwhile. It's not boring yet--and there are so many idealistic experts willing to suffer through newbie abuse and help! Go figure. And there is progress . . . not being a leecher. Maybe one of these day gnutella will actually have something worthwhile to share. Publius looks too much like a closed shop, so the openess of gnutella

As a Mac user, I'm outraged at the shoddiness of application developments. We are used to high performance with so little effort on our part. I call it "expectation inflation." I think Apple is slowly weaning us with OSX, and giving us a sense of what programmers work with. Whenever I get too interested, though, I take a look at the LINUX/UNIX forums and run! Grrrrr. I guess I'm still leeching off the BSD work. Maybe in my next life, but that sounds like hell.

Anyway, sorry for the digression. I did try a direct connection and didn't see as much difference as I'd hoped. The big downside was that I couldn't find a way to access my NAT, and needed to get at the printer. So went back behind the NAT, learned more about the NAT software, and all seems reasonably fair.

Ignore the above. Is mapping UDP 6346 a good idea, or was that just for GUESS?

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