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From my experience, phex is (or was, if this be the case), the best gnutella client I had ever used. I tried LimeWire and Bearshare and both of them had poor results. I would share more files then I would be able to download, if I left it over night I would find the files were only partially downloaded and if I was lucky I would have downloaded 1 or 2 big files in one night. As soon as I used phex, the first night I had downloaded 6 big files in one night!!!

This is ****ed up, I share a lot of my bandwidth with a lot of people and I have a ton of files, but these jerks are saying this has limitations on bandwidth? Search requests have never been a real serious problem for me, plus why would they be concerned for, phex has always been in the hands of a few users and I always thought of it as a cool secret for those who are in with open source and gnutella.

If its going to be the case that these guess are going to dictate what phex is going to be like, then I say **** it, lets start promoting phex as a better solution!!! Lets let their user base drop down, lets start a phex advocacy discussion and lets make sure phex is the dominate gnutella client... cause this is just crap...
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