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Default Puzzling decision

I'm not sure I follow your set-up decisions. You have been clicking on individual files to play each track individually by Quicktime? If that understanding is correct, it seems a strange and inefficient way of enjoying your downloads. As a default, there is an MP3 Player built into Limewire. During any given session, you can transfer as many of the Library files as you like to form a Playlist. For a better long-term solution, use one of the standard MP3 packages. Assuming you are on a Mac, iTunes should be bundled into your system. If not, it is downloadable. If you are on a PC, there are many more than adequate Players around on the net (you may decide not to use Windows Media Player because of its spyware). Frankly, Quicktime is not the best package for this purpose at all and, whichever alternative you pick should be made the default format for all internet downloads. That way, when you highligh the entry in the Library and click on Launch, the file should be played in the better system.
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