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Default Spyware!

I'm fairly new to Limewire and this forum, and I apologize if this subject has been brought up a lot in the past. But since there's so many pages to browse if I want to find old versions of this question I'm sure has been asked before, I think I'd be at it forever and ever.

I just wanted to know about spyware. I've never heard about it until today, and, I didn't like the sound of it at all! I'm on a mac, and I know I can escape a lot of nasty things just because of it.. but do I have spyware lurking around? How can I escape it? And what about the porn dialer and other viruses lurking around, what do I need to look after, what security measures to take?

I read on the FAQ-page on about spyware, and thought they were pretty vague on the subject, ie, SOME come bundled with the spyware.. I'd be willing to pay for Limewire pro just to escape it.

I'd really appreciate some help!

Take care.
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