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Default Mac 1.6b Beta - Still Minus 2 Options

The latest Mac Beta version (1.6b released 7/17) is still missing the last two "Options" tabs (Filters, Advanced) on one of my machines (iMac 233), but they are still present on my other machine (PowerBase with G3 accelerator). On the latter machine everything works perfectly and completely, and this strange situation has been the case for all betas since version 1.4b, including released 1.6.

However with 1.6b, Limewire on the iMac now preserves changes to the other options involving typing in a value--that is, the cancel, apply, and OK buttons now work, whereas before they would just turn dark colored with a click and nothing else happened. With the exception of the two missing Options tabs, Limewire works fine on iMac.

Both machines run OS 8.6 with _all_ latest Apple software updates, and they are connected to a LinkSys Cable Router with latest firmware. I use the most minimal extension set (that is, to get online) for both machines, using latest version of Conflict Catcher. Limewire folders on each machine have an identical installation of files and file sizes.

I always install with no extensions loaded (shift-key down). I always give application at least 40mb memory.