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Thanks to badger for posting regarding the options tabs.

In LimeWire 1.6, we added some logic where we reduce the size o(particularly the height) of the options window if we detect that your screen size/resolution will not allow us to display the entire window. If we sized the window normally in these cases, the OK, Cancel, and Apply buttons would often be pushed completely off the screen, making it impossible to change your settings.

To solve this problem, we had to remove the two tabs with the largest y value (the tallest ones), which were the "Filters" and the "Advanced" tabs. These tabs were likely two of the less frequently used tabs, so we chose to go ahead with this change.

In LimeWire 1.6, there was a bug were applying changes on this reduced-size tab would cause an error. That is now fixed in LimeWire 1.6b.

In future version, we will likely move to a more extensible solution for the tab user interface so that you can have all of the options in a way that is not dependent on screen real estate.