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Default Mac 1.6b Missing Options Final?

Without being critical of the devoted developers of such excellent software, I can only say that I _really_ hope you reconsider and find a way to make all options readily available in future releases. Those options are extremely useful, and for those of us on a network or behind a firewall, they can be critical.

In summary, would you agree with this as a (hopefully) temporary workaround?:

If you have a screen resolution of 800x600 or less,
Temporarily increase your screen resolution (via Monitors control panel) so options for 'Filters' and 'Advanced' will "appear",
Set desired options for 'Filters' and 'Advanced',
Quit Limewire,
Reset screen resolution,
Restart Limewire.

The option settings should hold until the next time you want to change them. Note, that the missing two options appear at screen resolutions of 832x624 or greater, right?