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Aloha Mr. Fisk,
I apologize for bringing this up, I am just trying to
search for the truth about this situation, especially since I am on the same ISP as "sydney078." Sydney078@aol.comI have emailed Mr. Kit Beuret of Oceanic Cable also in regards to this. This what I wrote to him

I know you probably cannot comment on this, but I am going to try to give a crack on asking you about this. First you should read the thread at DSL Reports,1066564;root=poll,swapping;mode=flat;start=0

Firstly this person "sydney078 "
had his service cut off because he inadvertatedly shared a
unaired Buffy The Vampire Slayer episode on Limewire.
He called up Oceanic and got his service re-instated. The
reason he got from Oceanic was, that they were not going
to discontinue his service because they knew he was not using
the service to sell what I download.

Apparantly MPAA got a hold of sydney078 IP address and
forwarded it to Oceanic because he (inadvertedly) shared that
copyrighted episode mentioned above. He was also told by
Oceanic that there are undercover people working with Limewire
to help catch people downloading anything copyrighted, tradmarked
and such.

Here is the response from Limewire software engineer Adam Fisk
in regards to what "sydney078" said.

Hello to all-

My name is Adam Fisk, and I am a software engineer from LimeWire. I was made
aware of this thread by one of our users who posted on our user forum at:

As anyone familiar with LimeWire and its goals already realizes,
"sydney078"'s allegations are completely untrue and unfounded.

We at LimeWire would never consider collecting any information about our
users. It has nothing to do with our revenue model, and we feel strongly
that the privacy of our users should be protected. That said, we do not even
have the cabability built into our software to collect any information from
our users, as this had nothing to do with our original goals.

LimeWire is an information sharing tool. We are working to make the Gnutella
network a more generalized network that can be used for more robust
searching and sharing of all types of information than any other network
currently available. We have absolutely no interest in colluding with
"undercover people" from the "MPA" to catch all you naughty little file
sharers out there.

I suggest that anyone with more interest in the general subject of
peer-to-peer networks check out some of the information on our web site at
Adam Fisk
LimeWire Developer

I sent this to "sydney078" and this what he/she sent me in response.

" LimeWire can kiss my ***. They are full of BS- call Oceanic and ask for a
guy name Kit ad you can ask him yourself about LimeWire and how the MPA was
able to get my IP number. LimeWire can say all they want, but I know the
truth. I am going to look around to see if I still have the letter. But,
the mean time, call Oceanic yourself."

Anyway your help in this matter Mr. Beuret is greatly appreciated.


Hopefully we can get some resolution about this and move on.

Aaron M. Stene
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