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Default Great program.

Just wanted to give you guys some encouragement. I think you have a realy great program going. I know you'd rather get money that complements, but I'm short on money and compliments are free.

I just compiled the latest release canidate and it's running great. I've quit downloading for awhile and was just playing with how far I could spread my connections.

I'm up to 7U 4N and 25L right now, and it's not really straining at all. I have the compressed connections preference checked though. Does anyone consider this evil? I just see it as being able to serve more people if I only limit to compressed connections, because then I have bandwidth to spread about.

I may try stretching that some more to just leave it on overnight. I'm only at 10k upload total right now. My shared files don't get out as fast as they would, but I don't have that many important shares anyway.

Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for a great app.


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