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Default Sorry...

I think I didn't xplain myself as I'm supposed to do as an user. I think for the developers is very difficult to find what's going on if we don't post more info to solve this:

(The previous version worked very well on it, but everytime I launched it, it came with: the installer will guide you through a serie of steps to configure LimeWire for optimum performance... etc. Since I don't know very much about setting and configuring ABOVE the normal knowledge, I always had to configure Lime before I could use it... so if somebody wants to teach me -on a very simple way, of course- how to solve this problem, maybe I'll stay with the version before this 2.9.8 thing...)

My connection: Modem 56 K (Motorola... It sucks!)

I haven't installed the Java Runtime, is it that necesary?

My firewall: Zone Alarm (but it let the previous version work! do I have to change a setting or what?)

Router: what on earth is that? please don't kick me, I'm new on this, but enough experienced to answer:

Connected to the internet when trying to download anything? hmmmm... of course, YES.

Right now I'm downloading the ENGLISH version, to see if maybe that was the remote problem... please, wish me luck so I can share my rare music files with ya all...
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