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thanks for the specific information. it makes all the difference.

i'd say the issue is zonealarm.

i don't know how zonealarm works in detail but generally you have to specifically allow an app to access the internet, otherwise the firewall will block it.

you probably at some point told zonealarm to let your old version of limewire get through, but you might have to do that again for the version of limewire you just installed (different name of application or whatever).

actually, afaik, the firewall should give you a warning message where you can choose to let limewire through or not. If you chose to block it, you have to go back to the firewall settings and change them to allow limewire.

to add to the confusion, some firewalls (at least norton does it) don't report limewire as "limewire" but as "Sun Microsystems Java Web", so be sure to allow that to access the internet.

i hope that helps. please let us (the forum) know whether you got it to work and how.
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