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Wink Freeloaders see your mistake

Freeloaders see your mistake

I have been using bearshare and have recently switched to limewire. But both systems suffer from the same problem and that is lack of choice due to freeloaders. Don't you people realise by not sharing your files you are the ones who ulitimatly suffer as you prevet the size of the file sharebase from expanding at its maximum rate meaning thre is less chance of you getting the tunes you want in the future as only a few people will share music you may well want. The whole point of such systems is that we don't have to pay a monetry price for music instead we pay a moral price and that is commen human deacncy. sharing is what allowed Napster to start the ball rolling don't let guntella become the ball that stops at the foot of the hill. We all know that some times its nice to have our firewalls up so we can just download at our maximum rate but ask yourself how often do you notice someone else taking from you. You can put a limit on uploads but please lets not make that limit zero.
It really comes down to your own ideas on the spirit of file sharing if you don't like the idea of sharing just think how worse off you would be if you had to fork out money for every download. Then you would only benefit the cretins who shut down napster. do you want to do that?
please think about this and help guntella prosper and not flounder.

P.S if this posting seems familier its 'cos i put it on the wrong forum first.

P.P.S I cant see any responces from freeloaders don't you have the strenght to voice an opinion on your pig ignorance
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