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Default Paying through the nose

I agree with what your saying except you mentioned the monetry costs. We all pay in someway to download. (Well, most of us)

I more than some, only having a modem, plus the fact that the ISP I have an account with, wont let me connect to LW. The one which will let me connect to LW, I have to pay for by the minute on my phone bill.

So you can imagine what my thoughts are on people that set their uploads to low. The only ones that can get away scott free are the 'clever *****' who know all the angles on how to cheat the system.

There is only one thought that cheeers me up - people don't download from me 'cos I have modem, so I don't feel guilty about setting mine low - but I do check every now and then on the off-chance that some desperate person might want to. And when/if that happens I will increase the upload. Even though it will cost me money.

Yes, and why don't you register - stand up and be identified - or are you afraid of making a foxes paw in public.


P.S.(I made lots of foxes paws in public - don't care a jot)

P.P.S Maybe this is another!! Ha! Ha!

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