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Old July 20th, 2001
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Question 'Launch' starts WMP, not deault mp3 player

The Limewire docs say that pressing the 'Launch' button will open your default player and play the file but when I press it, it opens the file with Windows Media Player.

I first installed Lime on a machine that had WMP set up as the default but that I than changed to another app as default.
Thinking that could be the problem, I installed Lime on a second machine on which I had already installed and made the default Thompson's mp3PRO, but the result is the same.

(I can open the 'shared' folder, click on a file and it *will* open with the default player.)

I switched from WMP because the sound quality of many of the files I was getting was so poor as to be almost unlistenable; once I changed players, these same files were emminently listenable - unfortunately, I had deleted several 'bad' files before I discovered this

Is this a bug in Lime or is there something I'm doing wrong?

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