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Default 1000 & 1 Installation prob

Hello people,

Well as many users already noticed there is this installation problem where files get trashed and nothing else happens. This forum is full of suggestion what people should do in this case
1. increase memory - does not work for me
2. redownload - did that 150 times least
3. update stuffit expander - well did that too does not work
4. delete limewire files....
and more.Non of them work.

Now, the story of limewire on my Mac OS 9.2.2. In the beginning I downloaded version 2.9(8) i am not quite sure which was it and then instead of uninstalling i have trashed it. After this any limewire install that I am trying to use on my mac does not work - gets trashed.

Now can it be that i need to uninstall old limewire, if so where from can I get old limewire installation files, let's say of 2.9, etc. And if thats not a problem please tech staff of limewire do something. There are hundreds of people that are wasting there time for something that does not work.

Please help

With best regards,
Limewire pro 3.4.4
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