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stief has a spectacular aura about

-pro support is offered at (these forums are a community of all sorts of people--sure not like a customer service department, eh?

-sometimes one of the paid developers post here just like the rest of us . . . often on their off hours. We sure pay attention when they do, even if they don't always get the appreciation they deserve.

-the moderators respond when threads need, well, moderation.

Looks like your post was seen by quite a few people, but looks like no one had an answer for you. I'm just a mac user, and have never used LW on Windows. Just happened by and noticed your post.

As you probably saw from reading the other threads, the usual advice is to uninstall the old and download the new, and post with the operating system, connection kind, and versions to give others a sense of where the problem is.

I hope a Windows user can help. Post back with more details and somebody should have some idea of what you could do.

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