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Lots of adequate solutions have been given. You'll not get an adequate solution until you can find the conflict with your setup. I booted into 9 and tried the installer a few days ago--all is good. There might be 10,000 OS 8 and 9 users. So why are a few others having problems?

For that, more specific info would help. As you know, LW uses Java and the Apple Applet Runner, so the problems could be there. Which versions are you using. OS 9 uses extensions which can cause all sorts of problems. Have you tried turning off the non-OS ones? LW and Java need huge amounts of memory (by OS 9 standards) and processor power, so the problem can be there. Did you give LW and the Applet Runner 60 megs or more, and what machine are you using? LW connects to the internet more intensely than any other OS 9 app, so the problems can be there. How do you connect? Old/hidden prefs can cause problems. Did you find the old stuff to delete?

Which one of the many installers did you use?

It takes a long time to list all the possibilities, and most posters are volunteers. If you want help, provide more details about your set-up. Or pay for Pro support and hope you get an answer.
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