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Default Be cool, run a GWebcache!

If you want to support Gnutella, but don't have the ressources to share or act as an Ultrapeer, you may have webspace so you can upload a GWebcache.

PHP Cache:

ASP.NET Cache:

ASP Cache:

Many people stopped running a GWebcache because they were afraid of getting DOSed and overrun by the enormeous amount of requests. This problem was mainly caused by an old malfunctioning client, the problem is fixed now since these buggy versions have been replaced. The rule is: The more caches are online, the lesser requests you will get.
If you are still afraid you might want to check out LynnX, the ASP.NET version of GWebcache. Using LynnX you can limit the requests you want to handle for each hour, if this limit is exceeded your cache will spit out ERRORs thus balancing the load.

Many people have been asking on how to report their new GWebCache to the world. One way to do it is the following:

Get several URLs of caches that you know are working.
Open your favorite web browser. For each of the working caches, enter the following in the address bar:
http://url_of_working_cache?client=TEST&version=1.0&updat e=1&url=http://url_of_your_cache
(where "url_of_your_cache" is of course your cache's actual URL)
Once your cache starts getting requests, you are all set to go. Note that it may take up to a week for your cache to get a normal number of requests.

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