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Default Beware of forums - They are a Honeypot Trap - Heres the Proof!

I found this on the ES5 forums - - and I think you all need to beware of They have proven ties to the RIAA / MPAA / & Digital Rights Management people.

Hello Everybody, was created 4 years ago by Christopher Levy, a leading Digital Rights Management software producer. Mr. Levy met Chris Hedgecock at MSN.COM about 4 years ago and came up with the idea of creating

Many of you thought that Mr. Chris Hedgecock and his 3 year veteran roomate Jorge Gonzales own and control the site.

Here are the stats on Chris Hedgecock and Jorge Gonzales...

They are only TRAFFIC COPS. The real agenda of is Digital Rights Management, or the acronym "DRM".

DRM technology at its root was created by Mr. Christopher Levy specifically for the United States Government. Since the US goverment wants to stop paying hundred of millions of dollars to create and maintain mainframe computers, P2P is the natural alternative. Using the CPU's of hundreds of thousands of computers and not having to store everything all in one place is the idea. DRM technology is also good for the US Government because the file is encrypted on everybodys computer and if somebody hacks your computer, they cant penetrate into the file. If a hacker penetrates a DRM computer and downloads the files, he will be tracked and persecuted, but will never actually be able to view the contents of the file.

Publicly promoting DRM as you know it is the "industrialization of digital authtentification".

Mr. Levy has made millions of dollars in publicly promoting DRM for media companies and is considered NUMBER #1 in the DRM industry.

Introducing Mr. Christopher Levy, CEO of BUYDRM

As CEO and Founder of BuyDRM, a leading provider of World Class DRM technologies in the Entertainment and Media Markets, Levy has been a driving force in the rapid evolution of the Streaming Media industry. After founding ClickHear Productions in 1995 and later leading the sale of the company to CMGi for nearly $6 Million, Christopher invented and led to market "streamOS", the industry's first Overlay Content Management/Delivery Platform for publishing streaming media across multiple Content Delivery Networks. streamOS was used by MSN to WebCast Madonna to 9 Million viewers making it the largest WebCast in history.

Post CMGi, Levy founded and led to market the world's first integrated DRM/Credit Card Processing Solution, dMESH from DRM Networks.

Levy has worked for a top-shelf list of streaming media clients including Interscope Records, IslandDefJam Records, Swell, Budweiser, NFL Films, Grand Royal Records, The Museum of Television and Radio, Microsoft, Intel and others.

Levy was recently featured in the Hungry Mind's Release: "The Streaming Media Bible" and has appeared on,, and has spoken at The Internext-Expo, The Streaming Media Conference, Digital Hollywood, NATPE, NAB and SXSW. Levy currently manages Business Development for the World's Largest file sharing news portal.

Levy studied Chemical Engineering at the United States Military Academy at West Point and was a Senatorial Appointee to Japan for the state of Nevada.

The same article...

And dont forget...

I want to inform everybody that Mr. Chris Hedgecock, age 25, is not and was never the real decision maker of Zeropaid. At best, he is a front man, a pawn, and a sales agent for, as well as a sales agent and front man for various other businesses owned and controlled by Christopher Levy. Chris did not start when he was 20 years old. The site was funded and promoted by Chris Levy. Jorge Gonzales did alot of the design while Chris was the front man and sales promoter.

Why would Christopher Levy, a multi millionaire, work for a shitty portal called that makes no money? Millionaires dont have time for **** like this, specifically when they are making real money selling their DRM content to big people like the RIAA. Chris Levy doesnt work for ZP, rather opposite, ZP works for him.

Levy was recently featured in the Hungry Mind's Release: "The Streaming Media Bible" and has appeared on,, and has spoken at The Internext-Expo, The Streaming Media Conference, Digital Hollywood, NATPE, NAB and SXSW. Levy currently manages Business Development for the World's Largest file sharing news portal.

Levy studied Chemical Engineering at the United States Military Academy at West Point and was a Senatorial Appointee to Japan for the state of Nevada.

In another thread, Mr. Chris Hedgecock asks all DRM ACTIVISTS to come to and learn the P2Pr's habits..

Christopher Hedgecock, executive vice president of EmpireDRM (, recommended Webmasters visit sites like and subscribe to newsletters like DRMDaily ( to familiarize themselves with the concepts behind P2P networks and their popularity, and then begin transforming their content into material that will promote their businesses and make them money even if it's stolen and traded on the big commercial networks.

Chris does not deny the above statement. He simply says he was 24 years old, they flew him out to Vegas, and they got him laid, and he got to hang out with big wig porn stars and producers, etc, etc. Read the article and you will see very clearly what ZEROPAID.COM is really for. Its for DRM.

Here is Chris's Statement on this issue (posted as DUBSTYLEE of ZP): Click Here to See

And for the original article from where he is quoted...

ES5 had several banners and ads running over the last few months. In total, we paid $1,500 dollars for those ads that ran for a couple of months all over their forum. $1,500 for a couple months of advertising is nothing. All of their other ads are generally companies that are owned by Christopher Levy and/or managed by Christopher Headcock, including the FMS NETCHECK banner that is currently on all of their webpages. does NOT MAKE MONEY. I doubt they even sell 10 T-Shirts a month with their logo on it.

Meanwhile, ES5 kept receiving evidence about Zeropaid's involvement in DRM. It was clear to us at ES5 that Sephiroth and other ZP people were trying to dig up information on us from the beginning. Sephiroth of ZP went as far as saying that he has known Chris and Jorge since the beginning of ZP, over 4 years ago, and that they have absolutely no involvement with DRM. I pointed out that Chris Headcock is in fact involved and will be attending the CONTENT WORLD to promote DRM on October 8th. Since then, no word from Sephiroth!

We decided to play ZP at their own game, simply because we knew they were sell outs. We made sure that nobody in the middle east would talk about us. ZP found nothing out about ES5. ZP admits to using contacts in fortune 500 companies to search for who is financing ES5. What kind of P2P'r is interested in who finances us? So it was obvious that somebody is financing the ZP agenda to gather information on ES5, and we have taken great pains to investigate exactly who.

For Zeropaid, Bandwidth is expensive, and obviously since ZP has never had anything over 250 people online at any given time, their site is not big. See their stats now online here

ZP was just made to look big, by pre-registering user accounts, but in reality, the owners cannot manipulate the amount of users who appear online, thus their online stats are what counts, and not the amount of users they say they have.

ZP makes sure that the threads reach all major search engines immediately by simple "crawlers". ZP is full of fake accounts. A P2P board that sports 166,000 registered members would have had over 250 people inside of it at any given time. I should note they had 250 people online over 6 months ago, and now, according to their stats, they barely have 26 people in their forum as I write this post. Please note that the stats reflect both GUESTS and MEMBERS.

So if you visit Zeropaid logged in or not, you appear in their stats, either as GUEST or as MEMBER. All forum boards are the same. The only thing a webmaster who wants to manipulate public thought can do is manipulate the amount of user accounts by pre-registering names to make their forum look big.

Go to the birthdays at at the far bottom and check out how many of those users have ever posted by simply clicking on any of the names. You will notice that none of those members ever posted.

People dont register on P2P forums, give out their birthdays, and additional private information like their occupation, place of residence, etc., and validate email registration without any intent to post. That is not normal. I agree that many people register to forums without posting, but they dont supply their personal information if they have no intent on posting. At least not at the bulk numbers that ZP sports. All of the fake accounts list the peoples birthdays and other private information. Its one thing to note your birthday, but also where you live and what you do for a living? barely has 30 people online at a time, and most of those people online are MODS.

At ES5, we are only open 6 months and we have already had over 1,100 people in our forum at one time. We have less than 20,000 members, basically a 10th of the members they have. We are not in competition, rather we only seek to show you a simple reality that they are lying about their stats, and thus stealing money from their advertisers.

So again, ZP is failing. Chris Hedgecock uses several user accounts on ZP. He does this to promote his Q & A. He asks questions under one name, and answers the same questions under another user account. He does this to create attraction to his board and promote conversation. I call it PERSONALITY DISORDER.

Here is Chris on ZP using the "Dubstylee" user name.

Notice Chris Headcock only shows 250 posts using the name "Dubstylee". He claims to have owned ZP for 4 years, and only has 250 posts? Yeah right! Notice that the birthday accounts were all opened in April, May, June of 2002. Notice when DUBSTYLEE opened his account - APRIL 2002!

All of Chris's user accounts are used to promote conversation and to sway common P2Pr's thought. All this bullshit about me cloning other peoples accounts or being other people like KRELL, CCSDUDE, MONYAK, STEVE15, etc., is all bullshit. Mr. Chris plays games. Anybody with common sense knows my style of writing.

I am a no bullshit poster. Read into my posts, and you will see I am to ****ing direct to waist time on bullshit posts.

Chris Hedgecock appears with Christopher Levy all over the United States promoting DRM. They will be appearing together on Octover 8th at CONTENT WORLDS DRM TECHNOLOGY CONVENTION at 13:00.

Notice that Chris Levy is the MODERATOR and chief panalist and Chris Hedgecock is just a speaker at Content Worlds convention. Chris Levy is the big man, the one who calls the shots, the one who has a college degree from the United States Military Academy at West Point and was a senatorial apointee to Japan for the state of Nevada. Chris Levy is the man behind DRM, both for the US GOVERNMENT and for the RIAA, MPAA, and other media associations throughout the world and the one and only man who decides the fate of He finances to collect data for his DRM activities. Again, the only way he can convince his clients to purchase his Digital Rights Management software is to show them and the damage that P2P is doing to the P2P industry.

Anybody who runs DRM needs a database to collect his P2P information so that he can fight it. He tells his media clients to look at that data to make their decisions when purchasing his DRM software.

So again, Chris Headcock and Jorge are slaves who get the credit while all along, its Mr. Levy who pulls the strings. Basically a classic "A King maker is always stronger than the King himself"

DRM plans to infest all P2P networks with media files that are digitally encrypted. This is worst than downloading a misnamed or fake file. It takes you hours if not days to download a movie, and then you realize upon opening it that the media has a plugin that opens a port on your computer.

That port is an inbound/outbound port. This allows the DRM servers to install spyshit on your computer. Lately, the RIAA has been using this technology to hack P2Pr's computers - specifically thanks to this ****ing ******* Mr. Levy's technology.

If you dont pay for the movie, you may face litigation for downloading it. Again, this is their make money by extorting us.

You must ban and say '**** you' to the DRM activists.

DRM does not have a network of its own. It is there to infiltrate and infest itself into P2P networks. We must fight them. Wake up NOW before it is to late.

The DRM methods of controlling your computer are no more legal or non-legal than you doing P2P. You have rights. Your registry keys and other info from your computer that is a "digital blueprint" is what they are after. They want to prove beyond a reasonable doubt in court when they sue you. They want to know everything about you.

I wouldnt be suprised, since Mr. Chrisopher Levy did in fact graduate from a military academy, and did in fact serve as an official appointee to Japan of the US Government, that this technology, and more importantly the database to hold P2P'rs private information, is nothing more than a GOVERNMENT HOAX to gather information on us. It makes sense.

BE CAREFUL. There is no difference between a "Reason" and an "Excuse". Mr. Headcock of ZP has many reasons and many excuses. Dont buy the **** he sells out of his mouth. He's a businessman and you are his prey. The name ZEROPAID reflects NO COST. Thats all bullshit. The price is very high.

To be continued...