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Default Re: Beware of forums - They are a Honeypot Trap - Heres the Proof!

Originally posted by Naked Truth
Notice Chris Headcock only shows 250 posts using the name "Dubstylee". He claims to have owned ZP for 4 years, and only has 250 posts? Yeah right! Notice that the birthday accounts were all opened in April, May, June of 2002. Notice when DUBSTYLEE opened his account - APRIL 2002!
This point is very easy to explain.

1. They use vBulletin since May 2002 and before that they used an other board software - ALL people started with 0 posts after that!!!

2. They tested the board software some weeks before they opened the forum.

I hope your other points have more truth and are better researched. I donīt like zeropaid too (the reasons are personal), but I donīt want that users badmouth other websites without a reason...

I will send Chris a mail that he can reply to this thread (if he want to).


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