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What part of me is NAKED without TRUTH? Go to and you will see all the proof you need.

Plus, look at the evidence in the URLS printed above. What more do you need?

For the last 2 days, all of the forum members ip addresses are floating around the internet because they got hacked.


Go ask METALE who is a senior Zeropaid member if her IP address isnt on that list. ZP is trying desperately to cover this up and has been erasing every thread with this link inside of it.

Lets make a simple test. I dare anybody here on this forum board to go to and do one of the 2.

1) Ask if was hacked and if the ip addresses in that link are real. Simple question, and your only asking for a simple answer.

2) Ask straight out if they are involved with DRM.

I will bet any of you that you will be BANNED from before anybody can answer you.

Exibit Number #1
(Read at the last paragraph of ZP's connection to DRM)

or Christohper Hedgecocks comments:

Chris actually invites DRM people to his site to learn P2P users habits so that he can promote sales of DRM software. He is quoted here as telling DRM clients to flood the P2P networks with DRM media to create Pay 2 Peer networks. What happens if Gnutella gets flooded with all Pay 2 Peer ****? No more movies or music, rather all bullshit files.

So isnt it okay to question ZP about this? Or is that spam?

Dont let them tell you its OLD NEWS and that Chris is no longer with DRM. On October 8th, at 1:00 PM (See: TECHNOLOGY), Chris Hedgecock and Chris Levy (creator of DRM) are appearing together at CONTENT WORLDS convention on DRM. Thats CURRENT NEWS!

If you ask them about their connection to DRM, you will be banned from ZP.

If you ask them if the IP addresses listed in are real, you will be banned and the thread erased.

Now ask yourself why? Those are real valid questions. If this respectable forum was questioned on similar issues, the mods would answer straight out without banning anybody. They'd probably laugh at the person who posted it. What does a P2P forum have to do with DRM?

Understand, I am not here to promote ES5 P2P software. I have respect for Gnutella, and my only purpose is to make you aware of the forums.

Please dont flame me, just look into this information for your own safety. The facts speak for themselves. BAN ZEROPAID.COM FORUMS and BAN DRM ACTIVISTS WHO WANT TO SCREW P2P NETWORKS LIKE GNUTELLA UP!

Everybody here on this forum needs to voice out against Digital Rights Management (DRM) before it is to late.