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Default Re: Lies

Originally posted by streamOG
Naked Truth your posting is libelous and slanderous and full of lies.

I am in no way affiliated with or it's business.
Naked truth asked which parts arenīt truth...

please explain me this:

Especially this part here:
"Levy was recently featured in the Hungry Mind's Release: "The Streaming Media Bible" and has appeared on,, and has spoken at The Internext-Expo, The Streaming Media Conference, Digital Hollywood, NATPE, NAB and SXSW. Levy currently manages Business Development for the World's Largest file sharing news portal."

As you see you are the Business Developer for!!!

or this here:

Especially this here:
"In addition, EmpireDRM’s Christopher Levy and Chris Hedgecock will be featured speakers at Internext- Expo, January 6-8, 2003, Sands Convention Expo, Las Vegas, NV. Levy and Hedgecock will lead discussions on DRM and P2P technologies as well as new media revenue opportunities for 2003."

You know that Chris Hedgecock is one of the admins of zeropaid?

So I asked you which parts arenīt true and PLEASE with proofes.