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Default Re: Veritas

Originally posted by streamOG
I have not worked with ZeroPaid in over 9 months. That BIo on Streaming is old. It will be updated today.

Yes EARLIER this year Hedgecock and I spoke on a panel about DRM. So what. Many DRM and P2P experts do this. What's your point?
1. I think this exuse is very lame... first you say you are in NO WAY AFFILATED with them and now you say you arenīt at the moment!!! So you worked at least 3 years for zeropaid...

2. Many P2P experts do that? None of them who I know, and SURE NONE of them which owns a P2P portal! The point is that you worked for zeropaid and DRM and nobody will believe your "we just talked story". The users will think that Chris Hedgecock is a TRAITOR!!!

P2P is a very tricky business and everybody who is supposed to speak and work with the "enemy" is dead for the community.

What was your point?