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Again your wrong. I never worked at MSN or ZeroPaid for 3 years. If you read my bio you would know this.

I met Hedge and Jorge last year during the summer and was associated with them for about 6 months. Again your Naked and your posting is full of lies.

And your wrong about P2P experts not speaking about DRM publicly or working to monetize P2P networks. Take a look at They use Microsoft's DRM product and they INVENTED KAZAA. Do you have a reply to this?

You probably don't know this but the media and entertainment and adult industries are coming to P2P experts in DROVES to figure out how to monetize P2P networks.

FOR EXAMPLE: Jorge from ZeroPaid designed the DRM system that uses after he saw the DRM code from my previous company DRM Networks.

If YOU were smart you would figure out how to monetize P2P too or would you just spend the rest of your life stealing from people you don't know?