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"The "ZP was hacked" is no stronger an argument. I could link a pic in my sig here and tell you every person who looked at one of my posts. Not to mention that if ZP was hacked, who the hell is going to jump up and down and say "hey it was me?" Nobody, because it's an embarrassment to try to kill off any other factor that is trying to further p2p. Some people associated with ES5 feel that ZP has tried to harm them, but as I know that you've probably read most of ZP's ES5 threads, you already know that it is our membership in general that got tired of the constant promotion. The mods as a general rule attempt to just keep people from openly flaming each other. So as a result, many ES5 announcements were simply closed rather than see people go 20 rounds again. Closed, not removed, so interested members could still see any improvements that ES5 had made."

Um Hey ******rick ZP was hacked....many times. This is fact. I know because I sat at Chrish's house while he tried to get the server back up and watched him and Jorge bicker on the cell. That's fact.

"ZP is connected to DRM". Definitely your best argument, and the only one based in fact. I can think of few people in p2p that didn't read all about that around a year ago. However, since that time Chris Hedgecock has left the DRM firm he was a force at, and has become involved in another e-based business that monitors people's website for them. You've seen the link on the ZP homepage. You're argument for that has thus far been that company is hired by the DRM company that Chris left to keep tabs on the former company's site. That part of the argument is weak, as most people wouldn't care if they monitored the FBI's site to make sure it was still up and properly working. "

Yes Jorge, Who is the founder of ZP designs DRM systems as the lead developer at ClearKey Solutions where he developed a DRM system for ....also Fact.

"Now, this "Jorge is connected to DRM" is potentially more disturbing to me. I've seen the same guy post it a couple of times now. As you pointed out. However he is the only person I've ever seen make reference to the idea. Jorge says he doesn't, and given the fact that he is the one that has been involved in p2p for years holds more weight for me. At the end of the day though, I couldn't really care if my mother was involved in DRM. I will get the files I want, and luckily I don't center on the porn industry, which seems to be the only group currently using the brand of DRM that Chris Hedgecock's former company dealt in. Believe it or not, I don't care if people try to copy-protect their stuff, the chase is half the game to me. They have as much right to attempt to protect it as I have to take it, don't they?"

Yes Jorge, Who is the founder of ZP designs DRM systems as the lead developer at ClearKey Solutions where he developed a DRM system for ....also Fact.

NOT TRUE. ANOTHER LIE FROM JORGE. Their Customers are company's like EMI Music and BuyMusic and The Recording Pool and who know's who else. Those are music companies. They actually got OUT of the porn business.