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Default Have You Tryed WinMX? Whats Better Here?

Hi all. I have been useing WinMx for some time now and I have never had a problem as of yet! I came here just to look around to see if there were any other places like WinMx on the net and found this one. From what I have been reading here, I see some unhappy campers having problems with the software! I see they have freeware for it, so why buy the Pro? WinMX only has one software and it's free and very simple to use. And no it dosn't have any spyware in it, do they have any here? Are firewalls a problem here? I use Windows XP's firewall and one by OnTrack at the same time. I keep over 3,000 Mp3 share files up most of the time, is that a problem here? At this point in time I havn't loaded any software for this site. If any of you have used WinMX, can you tell me whats so great about this place over WinMX? (No I don't work for WinMX or have anything to do with it!) I guess what I am asking is this: Whats better on the Gnutella vs WinMX? There both world wide. Sorry if this seems like I am being some kind of a jurk about this, Iam not. I am just looking around and doing some asking before I go down loading and installing more software. Thank's, Paw, Bakersfield Ca.
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