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Default NapShare V1.3 is available!

- Nodes stay connected better, less dropped nodes
- Automation can now kick nodes after passes
- Automation file can be loaded without quitting program
- Automation messages added to bottom of screen, tells status better
- Memory leak fixes (thanks to all who posted info)
- Little fixes here and there
- README file updated

RPM's are available for Mandrake and Red Hat, I tested V1.3 on Mandrake 8.2, 9.2 and Red Hat 7.1 including the RPMs.

Let me know what else it works on and/or post a bug report with any changes needed to get it to compile on your platform.

If you are upgrading you should use the new "NAPS-urlcache.txt" file from the distro or you can download it from the home page. The main config file takes care of itself. (I will get around to making the urlcache better soon)

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