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Old October 25th, 2003
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I dont see the difference between holding incoming or outgoing connections. What you can do is control the number of total connection you are having in ultrapeer state. But I'm thinking about dropping this option and replace it with a fixed number of around 20 intra ultrapeer connections.
If incoming connections are accepted uncontrolled from this configuration option this indicates a bug. I will look into this deeper.

I know that there might be different functionalities needed here for things that LeeWare is doing compared to what a average user needs. In the future these options might still be available through a configuration file.

I checked the use of UNC paths and I dont have problems to create them on Windows 2000 systems. I can easily share something like \\olymp\fileservice if it is shared by the machine.
Can you explain me the steps you are going through to add the UNC path?
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