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Default Connectivity Problems and UNC

I just want to make sure I understand what your saying.

Can we UNC paths in Phex? (YES/NO)

I'll explain my situation. My content is distributed across 3 servers right now but will grow to six or more as I publish more content.

I can combine my content libraries by doing the following for example:

Front-end back-end
server A = 200 files (B C)
Server B = 300 files (A C)
Server C = 500 files (A B)

On the front-end I have a copy of LimeWire or (Phex) running per server. On the back-end I create a mesh so that each server
hosts its own content plus the content on other servers.

I have shut down my Phex servents for now because I left 2 of them trying to connect over a period of about 12 hours and they have a lot of problems establishing and connecting to the network.

My suspicion is this client or the other Gnutella clients don't play nice with one another.

For example just to test my theory I setup a limewire ultrapeer and I manually attempt to connect my phex hosts to my limewire ultrapeers (nothing-no connection)

I setup some limewire clients pointed them to my ultrapeers- they connected and stayed connected until I shut down the ultrapeers.

I'm going to leave phex on my systems for now, because I would
like to use it so that I can connect to bearshare. I noticed during my testing the ability to make connections to bearshare ultrapeers.

If I could get Phex to connect to bearshare ultrapeers and stay connected I would use the client to serve the bearshare community.
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