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Old October 29th, 2003
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I did some testing and code review and found out that for me UNC paths are working very good.
I could even add UNC paths not existing by just typing in the full path into the File Name field in the directory chooser.

Also I checked Limewire source and found out that they are using the same standard Java file chooser Phex is using. There is not much difference at all.

Try to add by not having a trailing \ in the path. Maybe this is creating the problem...

I attached a picture (hope it worked) of how I added successfully a UNC path.

I was not able to find out anything about the unbound incoming connection problem.
I stress tested a Phex with incoming connections and the number of connections stayed in the configured range. Once the slots are full incoming connections where rejected and no more outgoing connections attempts where tried.
Are you still experimenting this problem? How is your network configuration set up?

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