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Default Re: yes, how about an answer?

It sure would help if some knowledgeable people would reply to this. Our current situation where noone can find an active source when there are over 300 sources for a file really sucks. And it's because people are greedy of bandwidth, and don't consider how they are affecting the overall network.
Yes, however there are also leeching clients. As of version 0.93 gtk-gnutella supports a feature called Partial Filesharing. You might have read about it. In short: While you are downloading a file, someone else can allready download the allready downloaded part from you. Why this will help? Because people who don't share anything will still participate.
There is another problem though, there are more and more clients being firewalled. If you are firewalled yourself too, you will never be able to reach those other firewalled sources. The only solution for this (for now) is to make sure you are not firewalled yourself.

I'm amazed that almost every freely downloadable client has no documentation, doesn't give any guidelines, often doesn't even include installation instructions. This is the responsibility of the developers - to provide enough information to their users, so that they can be good net 'citizens', and do their part to insure that you can find AND download the files you want. They haven't done a very good job of this.
If something you want to know is not covered at the documentation at the gtk-gnutella webpage, feel free to send a mail to the gtk-gnutella-user mailing list.
Documentation has the same 'problem' as writing software, if we don't know there is a bug, we can't fix it.
Keep in mind we can't do everything. However, when time goes by, we implement more and more, same goes for the documentation.

I understand that they are busy just getting the programs working, and I am very appreciative of their efforts, but the job isn't done until the paperwork is done. Don't forget that the users do not have the information that you do about the actual behavior of the Gnet, and have no clue what the settings should be. They accept the defaults, and assume that's fine. But for many users, it's not fine. They load up 25 files for download, and then leave the default upload slots at some low number, and have no idea what that does to the net. Unless you tell them, how will they learn?
All the default values should be fine. We do our best to make sure the default values are good for everyone. Most of the time there is no need to change these settings.
People who have a lot of upload bandwith will probably increase the number of upload slots anyway. No loss there.

Are any developers listening? Are they going to do anything about the abysmal situation we have now? Only time will tell....
Yes developers are listening. However, not all forums which exists can be monitored by the developer.
I read (and if necesary reply) the gtk-gnutella-user and the gtk-gnutella-devel lists. Always check the feature request list and the bugs list at the sourceforge page.
This is only to know what problems there are in gtk-gnutella. Then there are other mailing lists and forums which need to be read to know what is going on on the gnutella network itself.
I hope you understand I barely find the time to also monitor this forum.
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