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Default Beta V1.9.1 - please try it out!

A new version of NapShare is about to be released! Please test out
the "beta" version and let me know if you have any problems.

You can get it temporarily at

If this link doesn't work, there's either a newer beta version or
beta testing is done, check the home page. I will post updates here
if new beta versions are made.

You can run this test version in it's own directory.

NOTE: This beta version will NOT mess with your settings in the
.napshare dir, it will only write config files to the working
directory, so make a new directory, test, and then if you like,
go back to the old version. Just do a "make" only (not install)
and move the finished binary from the "src" directory to where
you want it to run, then do ./napshare in that directory.

Changes include:

- Multi Source Downloads !
- Better push results in both downloads and uploads
- IP based blocking, see right click in nodes window
- Tested with Gnucleus 1.8.6 LAN mode for private networks
- Lots of tweaks and more info in displays
- Compiled OK on Mdk 8.2, 9.2 and RH 9.0

Readme file and some gui additions will follow in later versions.

If you would like to do some advanced testing with gdb, please
consult the README file on how to use gdb, it's not too hard to
do and you can send me a bt and/or "print" some variables, just
type "help" when in gdb.

Send feedback to web1 - at -


* The NapShare versions are mixed with the Gnucleus and Morpheus download folder. Just select the version you wish to try from that folder.

Napshare-1.9.1 beta2.tar / Sabercat Mirror / 4Shared Mirror Download site.

Napshare-2.2.4.tar / Sabercat Mirror / 4Shared Mirror Download site.

Neonapster_4.6.rar (GnucDNA by File_Girl71 / Sabercat Mirror / 4Shared Mirror Download site.

NapShare Sourceforge page:


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