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Default File stops at 85%, yet download reads at 51KB

Hi, I've been attempting to download a file for over 12 hours.

I am running LimeWire 3.6.14

Mac OS X 10.2.8


I've read TONS of the "sticky" and other downloading problem posts. Still no answer to my question. Which is:

I am downloading a 200+ MB file that is "stuck" at 85% for well over 5 hours ( I am doing other things around the house - I'm not actually staring at the computer that long).

However, the speed reads a rate up to 51 KB/s. And it has been doing this for a LONG time (hours). And still no progress beyond 85%.

I've been all through the preference files. I've gone from being a "nice" guy where I have many upload slots and sharing files, to a "dick" where I don't allow anyone to share, and no partial downloads.

I've gone over my computer specs and it runs sharp. At this point I suspect the file is actually at fault.

Or can the experts here tell me otherwise? have I missed some key information?
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