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As a test I found the same program offered in another file. The exact 200+ MB size as the "stuck" file.

I have started to download this one, as well. However, the first file had at least 8 sources/hosts.

This new file has none.

Both files are 4 star quality.

I've only reached up to 49 KB/s with the newer file , but it appears that I may / or may not have an answer in about 2 to 3 hours (in regard to the file being at fault).

But if it's better than the last file (where it tells me I ony have 12 minutes left at 51 KB/s .....for the last 5 HOURS) then I'll take it.

Is there a way to help that file stuck at 85% (yet "still" downloading at 50+ KB/s) - seems like a lot of wasted time if I can't.
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