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Default ebooks

Hi, Carlo...

I share over 1.000 eBooks... So there...

True, searching for eBooks can be a bit of an art... !

A very simple and important tip...
Always include 'ebook', (and hopefully the file type if it's a compressed file) in the file name, i.e.

Adventures of Morgwen - pdf -

Re-tag any eBook files to include the above info.

Simple, but not enough people do it... Sure does help with the searches.

btw, do not necessarily be afraid of eBook .zip files... HTML eBook files are often zipped because of the multi-file format some use.

p.s. I haven't yet read the book I mentioned above... I'm waiting for the movie !

p.p.s. Be sure to have a look at the TomeRaider site... Loads of books

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