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Ski, let me say a few words about this forum.

Limewire reports right now that 150,000 people are in the gnutella network successfully. If say, 10% of them are using Limewire, that means that fifteen thousand people are using Limewire successfully right now, as we speak. Perhaps there are one hundred or two hundred active threads on this forum right now. To have a problem with Limewire is WAY out of the norm. Most people as you can see from these basic statistics, use Limewire just perfectly fine.

Limewire is a very successful application. A couple people, like yourself, experience problems, but we can almost always fix them.

Now, if you really want your program to work, you have to tell us what your problem is. Do you go to a doctor and say "I feel bad", and hope he figures out why? No. Similarly, you can't come here and say "Limewire doesn't work". If you sincerely want our help, please tell us your specs (as in, what kind of computer system you are running, OS, Limewire version, etc., etc.) and what exactly your problem is.

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