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> The connection logic in 1.6d is the same as in LimeWire 1.4b.
> None of that code changed. Can you send your limewire.props
> files for both 1.4b and 1.6d (if you've still got it) to
> crohrs at limewire dot com.

I've sent you the file.

> I'm guessing you're firewalled?

Yes, I am firewalled. However, if you look at the message "Can't connect with Version 1.6b" by gtford, the guy is having the exact same problem, and he is not firewalled.

If like you said it's the same connection logic, then it's just a silly bug somewhere, and the only problem is reproducing it. As a matter of fact, nothing at all is showing up in the grid window that's in the Connected Hosts portion of the Connections tab, no matter which Connect button I click.

My system is Wi***, and gtford is running WinME. Please let me know if you need any more information.