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Default need connection info

To the people who say they can't connect with 1.6x:

When you start up your LimeWire and go to the Connections tab, does anything appear there? If so what?

If the answer is no, here's an experiment to try:
<li>Go to the connections tab.
<li>Make sure "Keep this many connections" is set to 3.
<li>Make sure LW has no connections up. (If it's trying some, delete them.)
<li>Press "clear" on the HostCatcher, in the bottom right corner.
<li>Type in "" and press "add".
<li>Tell me what happens. Does it connect to Do addreses fill up in the bottom right corner? You can also repeat the experiment with "".

kiriuja: thanks for the limewire.props file. I was hoping it was a configuration issue, but I don't see any problems. Hopefully the above experiment will resolve the problem.

-Christopher Rohrs