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Default Latest Beta:

With the new year a new beta has been released and the the site has been updated in contents and graphics.

to download the latest version click here:


Shareaza Changelog
Shareaza 1.9 Release Candidate (v1.8.10.8)
  • New listview for uploads and downloads view. Those should ease CPU usage a lot when expanding downloads with many sources.
    New Upload Grouping to uploads view.
    Better keyboard focus handling throughout the app: the downloads, uploads, search and library views now set keyboard focus to their primary list (or search box) when the tab or window is activated.
    Optimized piece picker for BitTorrent
    Optimized BitTorrent "Show interest" algorithm
    Optimized ed2k fragment selector
    Optimized verification selector
    Sending "extended requests" instead of standard ones to eDonkey2000 download sources.
    Fixed a bug where exporting a collection based on a virtual folder with no metadata would crash.

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