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The first problem is I have down loaded two movies on in mpg and one in avi. I have not been able to get eatherto play on my Mac.

I have a Mac G5 dual 2 Gig, with 2 Meg of ram and the Formac TVR.

I have the TVR connected to a VCR and am trying to record a movie that I recorded and stored on my hard disk from a DVD.

When I try to record to the VCR I do not seem to get picture or sound to the VCR. I are RCA jacks connected to the TVR and VCR. As best I can tell they are connected correctly. I can play a video tape to the computer screen through the TVR so I know the RCA jacks a right from the VCR to the TVR. I have the RCA jacks going from the TVR to the VCR also. I have a TV connected to the VCR and can get a pre-recorded VCR movie to play on the TV.

The problem seems to be that I am not getting any signal from the TVR to the VCR.

This is really two problems; One being able to play movies that I download. Second, how to record them.
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