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For those who are having trouble connection to the Gnutella network using LimeWire, we have a potential fix. You need to delete your WHOLE LimeWire preferences directory. The directory can be found in the following locations:

Thanks for this think-ahead post for those of us who felt we probably screwed up by not first uninstalling the old non-subscriber's version before installing the newly purchased, newly installed LimeWire Pro version then probably was going to only further (i.e, really) screw up the issue by uninstalling the newly purchased, newly installed LimeWire Pro version to start all over but then probably wouldn't have been able to provide LimeWire the proper certification number or registration number or whatever it is that LimeWire would have required in order to reinstall the newly purchased, incorrectly uninstalled LimeWire Pro version blah blah blah...(on and on and on...)

You get the idea. Thanks for the helpful info.
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