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Thumbs down Impossible connection

I'm on Mac OSX

Tried the posted 'fix' and it was no good whatsoever!

The strange thing is that despite having a bar which reads (Disconnected/no files available) I seem to be still downloading stuff.

I have found that on a couple of occassions a 'Force Quit' (how else will Limewire quit anyway, it refuses to obey commands to quit) will result in LW connecting, at least for a while, on restarting the program. Of course you have to go through the whole startup process again each time, but SLOWLY you can gather your download. As I have not managed to actually COMPLETE any download yet, I don't know if it will work?

I bought Pro because I assumed it actually worked. The basic was not working, but like a fool I presumed that was to get you to buy Pro, which I assumed would work.

Now I imagine that UNLESS you guys get this fixed, there will be NO POINT of anyone downloading even the FREE LW, because frankly a program that will not connect to the web is actually NOT ANY GOOD.

Does Limewire actually intend to fix this BLATANT ERROR - or at least WARN potential buyers that it is a lottery whether the program works or not?

I need a FIX NOW - if that cannot happen, then I suggest we all warn all those on our Address Books and Lists we belong to NOT TO BUY LIMEWIRE.

Any human Limewire employees out there reading this, do your company a favour and reply to me.

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