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Default Re: codecs pacs?

Originally posted by ssiemson71

"download the codecs pacs (<- what are pacs?) the links you will find here in this section."
I mean you should download these bundles:

Perhaps you need more, but these are the most common.

i understand that users are usually advised against installing bundled codecs re: system failure et al.
Never heard that anybody had problems after installing them (including me).

why does microsoft not make the codecs available?
Good question. I guess it has something to do with license agreements, or Bill Gates wants to play Monopoly and force the people to use his crap... but I really donīt know.

is there spy-ware related drama with their free download?
The last time I checked the links, they the programs were clean. To be sure you can download ad-aware and check it after installing:


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