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I completely exited LW, even sys tray icon. Went to add/remove and completely deleted it from my system. OH, PS before I did this, I did a search all files & folders, and found NOTHING! The reason it wasn't showing up in 'your_documents', I discovered, was that when I installed it both the first and second time, I opened and ran it from it's current location, I did not save it to disk. I re-installed it and now connecting is 'flighty'. it will connect for a few minutes, then go off, then automatically comes back on within a few minutes. Even when I am not connected, I still see the downloads in progress??? Well, I'll give it a few more days and hope it works. I know the admin. and mods. are doing all they can, but...
As far as purchasing the pro version, I DON'T THINK SO! I read on here where someone purchased it twice to try to correct the problem. (Boy, they saw you comming!) I'll keep my $20.00 and just go purchase a CD. Good luck!
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