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I'm using MacOS 9.2.2 and tried the latest beta version of LW as well as the official latest release. The beta doesn't run at all, the official release starts up and kind of freezes.

When I start up LW, it loads until it arrives at "core components". From there, is takes forever. After a while, I managed to load LW (took me 20 minutes) and turn off "conntect on startup". This prevented LW from freezing when arriving at "core components". However. as soon as I choose Connect from the file menu, it freezes again. It takes almost all CPU time and hardly allows any user input. The computer hardly responds to mouseclicks, LW doesn't respond at all.

Not being able to solve the problem, I decided to install old versions of Java and LW and installed several versions that used to work perfectly in the past. They just don't work anymore!

I had to reinstall LW because I had to reinstall the entire Mac for different reasons.

Reading the posts here, I get the impression that those who solved their problem have no understanding of what they did. They just kept trying until LW somehow worked again. I am looking for real solutions from people who know what's going on. Even if you don't have a solution but know why it doesn't work, I'd appreciate your explanations. I believe, I have tried everything by now.


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