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Angry WARNING Do not use WMV format, convert help prevent network spam

Please convert all your WMV files to Mpeg

WARNING: Some stupid greedy *******s are using P2P networks to
spam people with their "Digital Rights Management" thanks to
MS, Gates and Co. this is easy, almost any wmv file is now
"secured" with some sort of DRM, it's SPAM!!

Help stop them, convert all your good movie files over to
a format like mpeg that doesn't allow any embeded SPAM in it.

Then block any downloads with ".wmv", or never select them.

People will learn that ".wmv" files are just SPAM when all
the good files always come in mpeg or other spam proof
formats! Ask your favorite P2P authors to provide a block
for file formats that are known spam.

Your privacy is at stake! Every time you play a ".wmv" file
some site out there logs that you are watching it, and/or they
can redirect your browser or cause a virus or spyware to be
loaded into your computer if you are not properly protected!

This is a new windows media format and is not needed, mpeg
is a pure movie format with no hidden content allowed and is
compatible with all windows, linux, mac viewers so please
use it if you can.

Get adaware and zonealarm (all free) to protect yourself!

Spread the word! Share this info as a file!


You can identify a DRM file by looking inside the first few
bytes with a hex editor or notepad, without contacting a
outside server the file won't play, or just a little will
to get you to do something they want you to, like pay or
go to their porn site or load a ad.

They try to hide this by putting a ZERO (00) byte between
characters, so it may look funny in notepad.

Look for things like this in the hex editor text window:

<.W.R.M.H.E.A.D.E.R. .v.e.r.s.i.o.n.=.. (and more)
<.S.I.G.N.A.L.G.O.R.I.T.H.M. .t.y.p.e.=.".M.S.D.R.M.".>

You could probably trace the spammer company that is using
this DRM technology to spam the network and report them.
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