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Default Will still not connect


I am on mac os 10.3.2 and had thesame problem where the green connect button flashed for a short second before it disconected agan, this started about a month ago.
I have tried to delete the prefrence file, disable autoconnect and running limewire as soon as i restart. None of these seem to help.

I have also downloaded the new beta version. The differense is that now i get an error message saying that My machine does not appear to have an active internet connection or a firewal is blocking my connection.

In System Prefrences/sharing/firewall I have opened for lime wire (port 6346) and also tried turning off my firewall compleatly. This does not seem to have an effect.

I have also tried to change the port number in preferences/advanced/port&firewall to a different number, and opening to the same port number in my firewall settings on my computer. Non of the above has worked.

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