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I installed LimeWire Pro Beta International Version on a Windows 2000 machine. I don't have any option during or after install to select Japanese UI mode. It doesn't properly display japanese text that I type into the search textbox. The Japanese text looks like a bunch of boxes. Whenever I search for Japanese keywords, I always get zero results. I can display Japanese in notepad on my OS.

Are there any plans to add Japanese language support in the future? Preferably one that...

1) can search for files with Japanese filenames;
2) can display Japanese text; or
3) can switch to a Japanese user interface?

I think (1) is the most important, then (2). For example, WinMX fully supports search for files with Japanese filenames, and probably as a result it has tons of Japanese files on the network, even though WinMX's interface is only available in English.

I think what's more important for LimeWire is improvement in search capabilities for international files. If international users can't get what they want, it doesn't matter if there's a user interface in their language.

<b><small>Update 02-05-2004 at 07:14 AM-ish: I stand corrected. I was able to find one file with a Japanese filename... But still very rare...

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