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Default Re: What does the score mean? + More

I've been using Limewire for a few weeks now, and I've downloaded tons of stuff. The Score column in search has always read 100.

Earlier this morning, the score was 75 on all of the results. Now it is back to being 100, but I'm curious as to what the score is?

I looked through the user guide and the faq and I could find no answer.
I seems that the score is the percentage of words matched in your search phrase. If your search phrase consists of 4 words and the filename contains all 4 words you get a score of 100. If it only contains 3 out of the 4 words you get a score of 75. The calculation of the score might be a bit more advanced, but I havenít been able to find any information on that either.

Also, what does it mean when the ip address (location) is in red. I have personally found that these red locations always download very well, but the black ones never do.
If the IP address is red then the computer is usually sitting behind a firewall or using a "private" IP address which can't be addressed on the Internet, which might make it more difficult for you to get files from that machine (but obviously not in your case). If you are behind a firewall yourself you probably can't get any files from a computer with a red IP address.

I haven't got an answer for your last question... sorry!
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